Hazelnut Cacao Wafers

From a heavy heart to an appetite for greatness!

Hazelnut Cacao Wafers A Slice of Heaven A mildly sweet, extra conscious treat, this is the neatest wafer ever made by hand!

With 66% nuts and seeds, heaps of Raw Cacao, 0% added sugars only delicately sweetened with dates. Biolicious wafers hit the sweet spot yet kick off the energy slump. The handpicked blend of living foods in these wafers retain their rawest nature, as they are dehydrated at 41 degrees Celsius for utmost nutrient assimilation.

The activated walnuts, hazelnuts and flaxseeds as well as cacao in its crude form deliver a generous supply of protein, fiber and plant-based omega 3. Free from starches, trans-fats and pro-inflammatory oils, these wafers are not friends with either preservatives or additives. Artisanal, wholesome and organic, they appeal to health conscious eaters across the board being both paleo- and vegan-friendly.

And if you're thriving with food intolerance, these wafers also fit the bill being free from the top allergens: grains, gluten, dairy, soy, corn, yeast and eggs. The nuts and seeds have also been activated to improve digestion and reduce anti-nutrients, making them more gut-friendly.

This is not another healthy wafer. This is a slice of heaven. It is the treat for everything from a heavy heart to an appetite for greatness!