Raw Kale Chips

A fairy kale: the true story of three fantastic chips!

Biolicious Raw Kale Chips are a Klass of their own. Comprised of a handpicked blend of living foods, these chips were not baked but dehydrated at 41 degrees Celsius for utmost nutrient assimilation and to reap the optimum benefit from all the antioxidants and health-giving agents in them.

Boosting your daily intake of greens, the three distinct flavors in the kale chip family make use of one of the most nutrient packed vegetables on the planet. It is actually an anti-inflammatory food, having the ideal ratio of omega 3 to omega 6. The essential fatty acids in kale nourish both brain and body.

It is impressively rich in two antioxidant vitamins A and C hence crucial for counteracting the damage of free radicals. These crisps fill a major nutrient gap being a most abundant source of vitamin K, which is vital to bone integrity, to prevent blood clotting, for cardiovascular health and for proper metabolism. In fact, one bag of Biolicious kale chips delivers your recommended daily intake of vitamin K and over half of your everyday needs of vitamins A and C.

They also don't disappoint in the fiber department. Built on an intelligent nutrition formula but crafted fully by hand, these kale chips infuse krunch to your everyday wellness.

They are a kut above and we're here to tell the kale.