Carrot and Thyme Flower Crackers

The Hormone Harmonica! 

Striking for its deep orange hue given its raw carrot base, this sweetheart is our hormone balancing royal, as the unique insoluble fiber in it draws excess estrogen out of the body and restores harmony to our system.

Another natural substance in raw carrots – falcarinol – helps sweep toxins out of the gut and protects us from a bevy of fungal diseases. Antioxidants unique to carrots, led by beta-carotene and lutein, additionally carry anti-inflammatory properties and keep us brain, heart and eye sight happy while boosting liver detoxification capacities.

Lignans, a plant compound that abounds in both the flaxseeds and the sesame seeds in this vibrant cracker, further complement its hormone balancing prowess.

The wild thyme goes on to add an antifungal, antiseptic and delectable touch to this scrumptious beauty.