Raw Cacao Almonds and Coconut

Dark ’n Dreamy

A little dark, somewhat mysterious and a tad sweet, these chips are a delicacy that charms the palate and gratifies the body.

The Raw cacao, is a top ten antioxidant rich food, and transforms these florets to food for a strong heart and a sharp brain.

Coconut flakes rev up energy levels. Almonds come in to augment the crispy taste, while boosting the healthy fats, protein, fiber and mineral value of the chips.

The two therapeutic spices – cinnamon and ginger – make these chips a truly unique nutritional star. Cinnamon tames inflammation, boosts the immunity and regulates blood sugar.

Gingerol, an active compound in ginger, also help reverse illness, control pain, ward off infections and empower the lymphatic system.