Tahini, Almonds

Sharp & Swaggy  

Nutty & sharp, these chips are enriched with almonds, a most noteworthy source of antioxidant bearing flavonoids and vitamin E, which combined work to lower inflammation, beautify the skin and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

The sweet little nut supplies carry quantities of monounsaturated fats, thus curtailing heart related conditions and spiraling your chances of weight loss.

Its celebrated richness in minerals – magnesium, manganese and phosphorus – is augmented by that in tahini, which replenishes your iron and copper levels.

Together, the minerals improve energy and maintain bone and nerve health while both nut and seed meet your protein and fiber needs.

The demure looking seed ranks highest in the cholesterol-lowering phytoserols, which with other distinctive compounds in tahini – lignans – improve hormonal health and enhance nutrient absorption.

Adding a tangy lemony twist to the mix – along with an antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory boost – is sumac.

The Mediterranean spice sits very high on the ORAC list, the antioxidant activity measurement unit, making it a disease repellent.